Thursday, November 22, 2012

49th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK


On this Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for my remarkable two sons, my wonderful family, great friends, and the freedoms we are privileged to have in America. For my dear friend Clint Hill, today is also a solemn day, as he remembers that dreadful day in Dallas, 49 years ago, when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Last week, Clint Hill and I sat down with Bob Barnard of Fox5 News in Washington DC.  Please click on the link to watch. Former Secret Service agent recounts JFK assassination

As we have traveled around the country, Clint and I have had the privilege to meet many men and women who currently serve in the U.S. Secret Service.  We give thanks to them today, for their selfless duty and ceaseless dedication to protecting the president.

Happy Thanksgiving.