Thursday, June 28, 2012

Upcoming Book Signing Events

If you’d like to meet Clint Hill and me, please join us at one of our upcoming book signing events. We are traveling all over the country and look forward to meeting many Mrs. Kennedy and Me readers!

Here is where we will be in the next few months:

June 30: Newseum, Washington D.C., 2:30 p.m.
Interview and book signing, reservations required

July 12: Tattered Cover Book Store, Denver, CO, 7:30 p.m.
Presentation and book signing

July 15: JFK Hyannis Museum, Hyannis, MA, 4:00 p.m.
Fellowship Hall of the Federated Church, Main Street
Speaker Series—presentation and book signing

September 25-29: Norsk Hostfest, Minot, ND
Scandinavian-American Festival


Kim Shattuck said...

Please come to southern California! Your book is my favorite book of the year!!!

S Brown said...

Thank you for working with Clint Hill to tell his story. His respectful attitude and emotional attachment to Mrs. Kennedy and the Kennedy family was evident throughout the book, and his account of that fateful day in Dallas and the days following was heart-wrenching. I remember watching the events unfold on tv (along with the entire nation), and I appreciate that his narrative is now available for the generations who have been born since then.

Dave Robitaille said...

Hi Lisa,
Best read of 2012 and the most poignant read in long time. It read as an historical document and a love story. pls come to RI in the future as I would like to thank you for your great writing and I would love to meet Agent Hill and share a few minutes with him in conversation as my thesis in college was on the Warren commission and I would love to get a few of his afterthoughts.I visited the depository after the sad day when this all happened and was walked thru the entire day and locations on that sad November day.
I would love to tell him that from what I saw and learned that there was no way he could have prevented the actions of that day and he did what was expected of him and then some.
Best to you and Agent Hill and hopefully you will visit the Northeast. I missed you in LaJolla at Warwicks but did get an autographed copy sent, and I want to get another to give to my son as a gift.
Be well and many thanks
Dave Robitaille
Warwick RI
FBINA uuuckst

Anonymous said...

Please come to Minneapolis!

Anonymous said...

Please come to Indianapolis!!!