Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mrs. Kennedy and Me #2 on NYTimes Best Seller List

Clint Hill and I had barely checked into our hotel in Dallas this afternoon when we got a call from our editor, Mitchell Ivers, at Gallery Books.  

"In its second week, Mrs. Kennedy and Me is #2 on the New York Times Best Seller List," he said. "Congratulations!"

We are here in Dallas for a presentation tomorrow, April 19, 2:00 pm at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.  Mr. Hill and I are thrilled that people are enjoying the book and that his moving story is resonating with readers of all ages. 

We've been on a whirlwind book tour with stops in New York City, Kansas City, San Diego/La Jolla, San Francisco/Corte Madera, and now Dallas.  Up at 4:30 am for early morning live television interviews and going non-stop many days until 10:00 pm after a book signing event.  I am having a tough time keeping up with Mr. Hill!

We did have a breather yesterday while in Belvedere, CA and took this self-photo on a beautiful day with the San Francisco skyline in the background.  


ana cris said...

Ms. McCubbin, please receive my gratitude to you and Mr. Hill for such a well written book that effortlessly takes us back to the 1960s!

I am a consistent reader of that particular time in Mrs. Kennedy's life and Mr. HIll's name comes up constantly in the various texts I have read. When I came upon your book, and with such wonderful reviews, I did not hesitate to purchase it. It is absolutely wonderful!!!

Please extend my thanks to Mr. Hill for sharing his memories. It can not be easy in any way, shape or form to relive such a bittersweet time of his life. Especially on a regular basis as must be the case with a tour. Thank you both for such a sweet, clear, objective, respectful snapshot of a unique First lady and her family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you much, both, Lisa and Mr. Hill for your wonderful book! You allowed us to see and feel the warm and loving Jackie, behind the public eye!
I could not lay it down!

Faith Steury said...

I could hardly put your book down. It was magically written with awesome historical details and wonderful touches of personal moments, while still being respectful of Mrs. Kennedy and her family. I shed tears over the pages describing the assassination and funeral of our president. Thank you to you and Mr. Hill for sharing such a terrific story.