Thursday, April 5, 2012

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill on Today Show

Thank you to NBC's Savannah Guthrie and producer, Jennifer Long, from the Today Show for the respectful and beautiful story about Clint Hill and his memoir, MRS. KENNEDY AND ME.  Savannah and the rest of the crew from the show were true professionals.  As a former television news anchor and reporter, I know how stretched for time these people are, yet they clearly did their homework, came prepared to the interview, and put together a piece which is just as classy and elegant as Mrs. Kennedy herself.  Well done Today!

Click here to see the moving interview: 

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Jeff Pullen said...

The interview was great and revealed more details about that tragic event. Mr. Hill & Ms. McCubbin has done the world a great favor by revealing the other side of Jackie Kennedy.

The interview, this book, and the Kennedy Detail book, shows you how these agents were really close to the people that they were protecting. They looked at their job as more than a job. As Mr. Hill noted, when Mrs. Kennedy was in the hospital per the birth of her baby, he was just as anxious as President Kennedy. And even today, even though Mr. Hill knows he did the best he could for Oswald had the advantage, he still believes he could have done more.